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01 April 2011 @ 03:39 pm
Idea for the Military Base  

Yep. Things I do at work when bored. The first building has a top floor with a mess and a skilling room. You have to cross the parking lot and there'll be some gate or similiar when entering the actual place, through an archway. The two "squares" on the pariking lot, just before the arch, will represent were the guards would sit to check your ID before opening the gate. I think the lot has all they need; a good gym and a basketball- and soccerfield, a library were an easel and a mirror for Charisma will be as well, in the mess there's a kitchen and then there'll be room with robot stations and other hobby stuff.

The actual rooms are very small, but that should keep the rent down. In the rooms they only have a bed, a table, a chair and a locker and in the bathroom there's a toilet and a shower. The kitchen will be in the mess so that's were they will get that. I'm thinking htey might each have a computer on their rooms, if they want. I haven't placed a tv yet in the picture, but if it fits in the mess then that's were it'll be. I think they'll be entertained anyway. Or I'll put it in the library; for some weird reason that seems to be common on a lot of regiments.

The lot will be 24 squares wide and 31 long (and then adding the ones you can't build on). IDK what size that is when chosing a lot, so I'll have to try a few.