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02 August 2010 @ 09:08 pm

Playa del Astrid! All of it in one entry!

2010-10-06 Due to my game and computer breaking down, I extracted some of the sims from here and moved them to Gallimatias.

Here's the huuuge list of my families in Playa del Astrid. As you click around, you'll notice not all of these entries are finished. I used to tell a generation from the day they move in/the death of their parents to the death of themselves, but up till the aging to elder of the 2nd gen, I stopped. It took too long and was too boring.
So those are long entries. The name of the cuts are the name of the Houses/ new families, since I can't have them by family name as I play all the children, not like a legacy when you get spares. Some of them are however considered "heirs", that's the kids staying in the original house.

2010-03-23: only all the 1st gen and the first of the Serenity's are dead. So all the others, I'm still playing. But pausing due to my ISBI.
2010-08-02: I have played until the aging to elders of most of gen 2. Will post in due time. After they have all become elder (this concerns the families of Six Caprica, Gaius Caprica/ Evelina Xfiles, Kristina Reyes-Doggett, Zeus Caprica/ Aurora Xfiles and Elisabet Xfiles/Kara Caprica) the updates will be more of the typical "chapters" way for example "Arvid Xfiles 3.1" where the 3 will mean he is of the third generation.

Households starting in Generation 1

Xfiles (read by tags)
[1st Gen.]Dana and Fox Xfiles
[2nd Gen.]Elisabet Xfiles and Kara Caprica

Castle Cary (read by tags)
[1st Gen.]Monica and John Reyes-Doggett
[2nd Gen.]Kristina Reyes-Doggett

Galactica (read by tags)
[1st Gen.]Bill and Laura Caprica
[2nd Gen.]Zeus Caprica and Aurora Xfiles

Non-heirs households starting in Generation 2

Serenity (read by tags)
[2nd Gen.]Christina Reyes-Doggett and William Xfiles
[3rd Gen.]3.1 Anders and Ahmed Xfiles

Gaius labb (read by tags)
[2nd Gen.]Gaius Carica and Evelina Xfiles

Sexan (read by tags)
[2nd Gen.]Six Caprica and Martin Nahnu

University, Gen 3 kids

Non-heirs households starting in Generation 3

Medis (read by tags)
[3rd Gen.]3.1 Ashima Xfiles and Lovisa

Krypin (read by tags)
[3rd Gen.]3.1 Arvid Xfiles and Allegra

Inferno (read by tags)
[3rd Gen.]3.1 Josefin, Artemis, Apollo

August and Abraham
[3rd Gen.]3.1 August and Abraham Xfiles

The Shaiks
[3rd Gen.]3.1 Adriana Shaikh and Alice Xfiles

Vamp (read by tags)
Vamp ch.1